M has been always looking forward to being in your class. The children usually have a kind of stereotype that…classic music is boring. Few months ago she [M] surprised me that she could play one piece of Mozart. I was utterly unable to believe in it, however, it was ‘Twinkle-Twinkle-Little-Star’.

…I believe in that meeting people in life means a lot. I could say that meeting with you would be like this for M. This meeting with one particular person in life could give a strong influence in one’s future and sometimes could change one’s life as well. In this case, you could scatter the SEEDS into not only M but also many other children, and you would be in their hearts as the SOWER. Children will nurture this precious SEED in their heart in their way very lovingly, and in a long run this SEED shall make beautiful FRUIT…Sincerely yours, M [8 years] and Y.

The simple truth is that your children love Mr Gagen. There is an unspoken understanding between Paul and the children he teaches. Each one of them is special to him and he respects and encourages their talent, regardless of their ability.  I call him the “Pied Piper” because everywhere he goes children still yell out “Mr Gagen!”, “Hi Mr Gagen!”, “Hey Mr Gagen!” – their fascination is incredible to witness.

…Though we will miss him, we can live secure in the knowledge that not only have we benefited from one of the most amazingly talented, hardest working teachers I know but hundreds of other children will grow to understand why we love him so much. Hundreds of children will understand that music is for everyone because Mr Gagen makes it so easy for everyone to make music.

Cathy Cooper
On behalf of the Aspley East State School Music Support Group

To Mr Gagen, Thank you for the great compliments on how I’ve been doing in music. On Friday the 15th June the 2-3 class and 2A worked out that the elephant had an anacrusis at the beginning.

From your music buddy Josh (7 years)

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