Let me introduce myself – Paul Gagen.

Using 40 years experience singing and playing guitar in bands, and 20 years teaching music to primary school children; I’ve developed a completely original program of music instruction based around song plus ukulele and guitar. We learn to strum and sing and have fun at the same time – laughing, singing, playing – trebl.e.kidz! Music is more than just sound and lyrics. It is a form of self-expression that transcends language and taps into the feelings and emotions that we as humans share. That’s why I believe it is special and why I’ve devoted many years to sharing my passion with future generations of small people.

My philosophy is to use happiness as a vehicle for expressing music. By this I mean that a person is much more likely to remember information given in happiness rather than in anger or sadness. Particularly children! So I try and create a fun, vibrant environment for kids to learn.

I’ve developed this program over a number of years to take advantage of the unique social phenomenon that happens in group music classes. With like-minded people, music will take root and grow.

Learning music does not have to be complicated. This teaching program focuses on two main musical sensibilities that work nicely on guitar – the melodic and harmonic (chordal). It’s easy (and fun) to learn, and is based on simple, achievable goals. This approach is based on sound music theory and creates musicians, not just instrumentalists.

I thank you for entrusting me with your child’s musical education. What fun we will have!

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